Why We Succ

WeSucc.Com emerged during a time of grief and despair for our planet.  Our world was being rocked by a killer that no one could see and didn’t care whom it attacked. Our city, New York City, with its vast population, was one of the first cities hardest hit by the virus.   When the governor's office issued an executive order closing down non-essential businesses on March 20, 2020, many of us New Yorkers felt lost and alone. The city that never slept was ordered to its bedroom leaving us with nobody to play with.






Image by Andreas M

So what did we do?  We grabbed our wine bottles and we chugged. We comforted our children until their tails wagged.  And we nurtured our pets, who just happen to have roots until they went forth and multiplied.  Taking care of all our succulents was always a nice break from the chaotic digital world that we live in.  But we discovered during this time filled with grief and uncertainty tending to our plants brought us moments of much-needed peace and serenity.  The time spent watering, clipping, repotting, and propagating these green beings had always served as a form of meditation for us.  So when the crisis hit our beloved city and our soul needed to be soothed, it was only natural for us to retreat to our pets and find comfort. 


e.One morning, who knows what day because they all started to blend together while sitting in our sunroom surrounded by over a hundred of our luscious green critters we came to the undeniable realization that We Succ!  We spit out our coffee, ran to our laptops, and started developing a plan to help others succ too.  We, much like our pets, on the outside appear thick and waxy which might comes off as grumpy and antisocial but on the inside, we are soft and caring. It is this part of us that wanted to spread our joy to others. 

Cup of Tea
Home Office

.It was not far after that eureka moment that the need for a shelter emerged. Word had gotten out on the street that two women and a black lab were raising succulents. Soon succulents started showing up at our doorstep, left abandoned by obvious losers.  Quickly running out of room in our home, we decided these delectable creatures deserved better, that's when we decided to open a shelter.  Now unlike our succulents, this paragraph doesn't hold much water. Maybe people weren't dropping off succulents at our doorstep.  Maybe we became obsessed with them and went looking for them. Upon visiting local nurseries we did discover many neglected succulents that we had to rescue from their certain impermanence.  We brought them home and gave them love and care and watched them thrive.  The Shelter was born!  Our goal is to bring to you the same thing that brings us joy.  If you spend any time with us you will quickly deduce it stems from three main sources, succulents, wine, and coffee.  So pour yourself a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and join us for some conversation that really succs! 


P.S Thanks for giving our babies their forever homes!