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Tired of talking to people? Want to pour yourself a glass of wine and have someone just listen for once?  Well, get yourself or someone you leave a succulent!  They make great pets. Not only are they beautiful but they are good listeners too. Plus they are so easy to take care of. They won't pee on your carpet like 4 legged pets and you can go on vacation without the cost of kenneling them!  Head over to our shelter and let us know if you want to rescue a succulent or a cactus and we will make you a forever parent!

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We all know plants help us breathe by releasing oxygen during photosynthesis. But did you know most plants are like humans and release carbon dioxide when they respire? But not succulents! They produce oxygen all through the night. That's why they sleep in the bedroom with us. Well even if they didn't purify the air and help us get a better night sleep we would still let them in.